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Our Company
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Present transformation: 1.600 tones/year.
Covered surface: 1.300 m2
Storage: 600 pallets
3 Cutting machines (1 hydraulic, 2 of tape)
6 Marking-chamfer machines
5 Threading roller machines
6 Automatic feeder of threading machines
3 Atomatic machines for assemble nuts
3 Pallet lift-truck
Staff-Manufacturing: 7 operators
Staff-Administrative: 6 technical commercial
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Our services reach all industrial sectors.
DIMECO TÉCNICAS INDUSTRIALES products are present in:
  • chemical and petrochemical plants
  • refineries
  • thermal power plants
  • nuclear power plants
  • metallurgical
  • iron and steel
  • paper
  • food
  • shipbuilding
  • etc.
DIMECO TÉCNICAS INDUSTRIALES S.L. is included in the list of suppliers group guaranteed quality owners of Spanish Power Plants since 1974. In 2016 our company was approved in the Procedure for the certification of materials according to nuclear class - Grade increase and has renewed certification ISO 9001:2015 to their system of quality management in manufacture and commercialization of jointing and tightness elements (studbolts, bolts, anchor bolts and industrial gaskets).
Backed by Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance
We wish to emphasize that the obtention of these surveys is the resault of a daily effort whose ilusion is transmited by our customer and by the trust placed in us.
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We have an extensive history of projects in which we have participated as suppliers of our products. Numerous customers in many locations around the world support us.
If you want to know in detail our projects you can access this Listing of references in our blog.